OK Glass presents Can't Turn It Off

Can't Turn It Off is an album of love songs to your smartphone, and also a soul-crushing month in uncomfortably close quarters with a friendly sociopath. Can't Turn It Off is optimistic only about complete unknowns. Can't Turn It Off is a complex about everything that is trending on Twitter and the heat death of the universe and how to get to the end of the song.

This album has a lot of chanting and a lot of power pop. It has words like rando, beer, AARP, and Y2K, and songs about Macklemore, Colonel Sanders, and the Michael Jordan Nissan.

OK Glass is a recombinant pop music machine. OK Glass tumbles through America like a katamari and refines cultural detritus into gleaming hooks. OK Glass is an underground compound of unschooled children hitting acoustic instruments together in electronic ways until it sounds deliberate. OK Glass is working hard around the clock to develop new voids to scream into.

On Can't Turn It Off, OK Glass is honored to be joined by Chris Parker, Joms Tooper, Eugene Steficek, Amy Carstensen, Austin Aeschliman, Jesse Greenberg, Marcy Nabors, Kyle Carrozza, Lindsay Smith, Jes Siart, and Alex Feldman.

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Frequently asked questions

What is OK Glass?

Listen. I threw out my old band because it was too many letters and found a discarded piece of intellectual property, and it timed nicely with learning to play bass clarinet and upright bass in punk settings.

Some of these songs resemble hymns or chants. Where does OK Glass get off calling them punk?

The music of OK Glass behaves differently when it is observed. OK Glass would like to remind you that nothing matters. But it also certainly feels pretty punk when you sneak into a church to record their pipe organ.

I do not like the punk music. When will OK Glass release an album of dance music for millenials?

Sit tight.

I want to talk to OK Glass.

That's fine. Email hello@ok.glass if you must.

Do the copyright thing now like everyone likes to do to end a webpage so that they don't, uhh, get sued. Or lose their artistic license like Mickey Mouse will.

OK. I didn't go to law school either. Copyright OK Glass 2018, all rights reserved. Or like, whatever.