OK Glass

post-mcluhanist chamber punk for the cultural epidemic

New album "SAND" on Bandcamp for $any or free download here

With contributions from Joms Tooper (drums, xylophone, tubular bells, vocals), Luke Slomba (trombone, vocals), Lindsay Carrozza (tenor & baritone saxophones, clarinet), Marcy Nabors (bass & soprano clarinets), Naeemah Maddox (viola), Finnegan Shanahan (violin & viola), Cory Rabiea (vocals), and TV's own Kyle Carrozza (stylophone)

I'll update my website later.

Once A Day
the new single for December 2019 [direct download]
Email Address [video]
the new single for November 2019 [direct download]
Canít Turn It Off [lyrics] [buy a CD]
13 love songs for your smartphone - the first OK Glass album [direct download]
American Legends
12 songs of capitalist despair and existential beauty [direct download]
Millennials Are Killing
the old single for January 2019 [direct download]
Dog To The Bar
the even older single for September 2018 [direct download]
Crack First EP
the first collection of OK Glass music [direct download]

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is OK Glass?
A. Imagine if melody was a long, flexible tube. Imagine spinning around rapidly and flailing this tube haphazardly. The tube contorts as you swing it.
Q. What is the objective of OK Glass?
A. To distribute counterfeit philosophy about mass media.
Q. Who is OK Glass?
A. Usually just one person. helloⓐok.glass
Q. Does OK Glass love me?
A. No.